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As a scientist, clinician, as developer of innovative software for the medical sector, or as leader of a medical biotechnological business company you became aware of us, the MEDIACC GmbH – an institute for medical-academic consulting.  We competently guide our clients from their initial ideas to scientific publications, development of patents or products. Finally, we facilitate an effective presentation with high impact on the general public. The main focus of our activities lies on pre-clinical and clinical studies.

We react to the complexity of your demands.

-                   definitive consulting services,

-                   dependable budgeting, and

-                   optimal expert support in pre-clinical and clinical study conception and design in the light of the new legislation,

-                   staristical analysis, interpretation of results, and

-                   high-end publications.


We provide a platform and network for specialist with ambitious basic and clinical research to confirm cutting-edge therapeutic approaches.




Results count.


-                    planning and realisation of studies and performance of regulatory affairs,

-                   submission of applications to the competent authorities,

-                   statistical analysis with the aim of providing very highest results to deadline

-                   your publication or further development of your product.


We assist you to acquire further third-party funds or sponsors or to accelerate market entry and expedite peak-market penetration of your product.


Do not hesitate to contact us for references of previous clients.



Awareness and reputation = higher sales and competitive advantage.