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Professional scientific talks on international and national congresses going into the depth of basic research, building a bridge in translational research or communicating the latest results from clinical data for our patients have been awarded in many cases. Provocative contexts and in-depth discussions with an eye for relevant information have to be presented in a brief and concise manner to convince and leave a long-lasting impression on experts and sponsors for external funding.


Here you will find a selection of scientific talks on national and international congresses of the last years:

  • Positive effects of assisted walking-movement with the motorised device Innowalk in patients with neuromuscular disorders: an international case study meta-analysis, Frankreich, 2019
  • Quantitative und qualitative Analyse zur Beurteilung einer Änderung des Essverhaltens und des Wirkmechanismus eines nicht-invasiven neuartigen Medizinproduktes zur Gewichtsreduktion bei Übergewicht und Adipositas. DGIM YIA. 2018
  • Persistierende Gewichtsreduktion bei Übergewicht und Adipositas durch ein innovatives nicht-invasives Medizinprodukt und Beeinflussung des individuellen Adipositas-assoziierten Risikos. DGIM YIA. 2018
  • Quality of implantation of therapies for secondary prevention in patients with peripheral arterial disease in in- and outpatient care, Deutschland, 2017
  • How to really lose weight – a novel medical device to change eating behaviour, Deutschland, 2017
  • Superior therapeutic effect of intermittent vasodilator infusion therapy on walking distance among patients with peripheral arterial disease and intermittent claudication, Deutschland, 2017


Our lectures cover a wide range of topics – advanced training for specialised medical colleagues, start-ups on their way to the health market and interested parties.

  • Development of “Medical-Apps” according to the German Medical Products Law (MPG) vs. “Wellness-Apps”. Berlin. 2017
  • Clinical trials according to the German Drug Law (AMG): challenges, pitfalls, solutions. Webinar DECHEMA. 2016
  • From the initial idea to worldwide approval – importance of clinical studies. Potsdam. 2014
  • Confindently from your idea to worldwide acceptance – convince with scientific evidence. In: Implement your ideas: Strong strategies for successful studies. Berlin. 2014
  • Advanced Echocardiographic Training Course according to the guidelines of the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (Kassenärztliche Bundesvereinigung, KBV). Berlin. 2011 to 2013
  • Exosceleton: How to make the first goal at the Football World Cup 2014, when your legs are completely paralysed. Berlin. 2014


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