MEDIACC Offers Service-Oriented Tailor-Made Solutions or Complete Packages.


You have come to MEDIACC's attention as a scientist, clinician, developer of innovative software for the medical sector, manufacturer of medical devices or manager of a pharmaceutical or medical biotechnology company.

Our services for our clients in the regulated healthcare market usually begin with very close listening so that we know exactly what services you need and want as our partners. Only after we have fully understood, we propose tailor-made solutions. We orient ourselves on the one hand to the differentiated strategic positioning and orientation of our clients and on the other hand to the legal requirements and medical necessities in close coordination with specialists in the field.

In the subsequent consultations or operative implementation, we are accustomed to adhering strictly to the time and financial requirements.


We face up to the diversity of your tasks:

  • Answer preclinical and clinical questions
  • Design studies and carry them out in the jungle of new legislation
  • Evaluate and assess your available data in a timely manner
  • Assess the risks, costs, financing possibilities of a study or the chances of a high-ranking publication
  • Realise networks with specialists for ambitious basic and clinical research projects, or to confirm innovative therapeutic approaches
  • Communication with regulatory authorities


Our core competencies for the "fast-track" of your products.

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