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PhD – Students at MEDIACC – nominated twice.


The best abstracts submitted this year by young scientists were nominated for the Young Investigator Award at the Annual Congress of the German Society of Internal Medicine (DGIM, April 14 – 17, 2018) – and 2 out of 2 abstracts submitted by MEDIACC were part of it.

Fast and Successful


We are delighted that one of our postgraduate PhD students has been elected as award-winner of this years Speed Lecture Award of the BIONNALE. Congratulations!

Founding New Businesses with a Medical App


Transforming medical information into valuable knowledge – anytime and everywhere – that is the prospect of the digital transformation and a key for an efficient health system. The digitalisation revolutionises the healthcare market as did the introduction of antibiotics or vaccinations. Apps and cellular phones have become an integral part in everyday’s life of patients and hospitals.

This contribution describes the specific characteristics of the healthcare market, of customers and their needs, the distinction between lifestyle products and medical devices, the willigness-to-pay as well as ethical aspects and chances.

Read the article “Founding with a Medical App- Chances and Challenges”

Soon available here to be downloaded.

Source: “ StartingUp, Edition 01/2017”

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