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Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people. E. Roosevelt

Fast and successful


We are delighted that one of our postgraduate PhD students has been elected as award-winners of this years Speed Lecture Award of the BIONNALE. Congratulations!


Our postdoctoral PhD student Pia Hüttemann presented one of our current research projects entitled „How to really lose weight – a novel medical device to change eating behaviour“, together with the other finalists from Max Planck Institute, Charité, Technical University Berlin and Cellbricks GmbH.

Your career opportunity. We hire and train.


You would like to work at the interface between research, innovation and the regulated health market? If you like, come on and join us.

Content-related and legal challenges in planning and performing clinical trials with medicinal products (in Germany)


Your Company plans to develop a medicinal product for the German Health Market? We are pleased to inform you in a Webinar of the DECHEMA and a leading German CRO about the related challenges and to answer your individual questions. Please find more information here.

Content-related and legal challenges in planning and performing clinical trials with medicinal products (in Germany)

Date: Novembre 10th, 2016
Time: 10:00 – 11:00

The Webinar will be held in German. However, we are hayppy to answer your questions in English, either during or after the official Webinar. Constanze Stammer, Managing Direktor bei PHARMALOG Institute for Clinical Studies “Institut für Klinische Forschung GmbH” in Munich will present the relevant paragraphs of the German Medicines Law (Arzneimittelgesetz) and GCP. Further more, the single phases of a clinical trial and the schedule of a clinical trial will be dealt with.

Moderation and Discussion: Dr. Caroline Schmidt-Lucke, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor Charité, MEDIACC GmbH


10:00 Welcome and introduction PD Dr. Caroline Schmidt-Lucke, MEDIACC GmbH

10:05 Lecture by Constanze Stammer, PHARMALOG Institute for Clinical Research GmbH

10:35 Questions and Diskussion

ca. 10:55 End of Webinar

Participation is free of charge. Only telephone costs result.
To participate, please register in advance to info @ or .
We are looking for volunteers…


We have finished the recruiting phase in time for a research project analysing the effect of a novel medical non-invasive device.

Annual review 2015


We are delighted by our customers’ success this year. From A to Z.

Award-winning: in a tough competition of innovative ideas.

Committed: to our ethical principles, always.

Funded: High funding amounts from federal agencies and external investors allow top-ranking research and development. Good luck to this year’s applicants.

Innovative: in close cooperation with national and international pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers and software developers.

Interconnected: at the interface between Universities, maximum care facilities, innovative enterprises, clinical research organisations, authorities, pharmacies, service providers and experts in related sectors.
Excellent: rated by expert groups and committees.

Pro-active: designing studies for grant applications, pre-clinical and clinical studies.

Recognised: professional attitude in innovation management.

Research: qualified forging ahead.

Recruiting: in multicentre clinical studies, in time. Sought-after: from development to market entry of novel products for the health market. Thanks: We thank all our partners, clients and staff for their trust and great cooperation.

Zealous: to continue and to deserve our clients’ recommendations during the next year.
Clinical trials of medical devices – prerequisites and success factors


Clinical trials have long been the focus for innovative products for the health market – not just since the discussion about the upcoming amendments of the European Directive on Medicinal Products. They are strong arguments for marketing and reimbursement. Small enterprises, however, lack experience and know-how. We show you ways on June 18 th 2015.


The Senior Medical Affairs Coach is a link between enterprises and health market when clinical issues represent only temporary tasks.

Clinical trials designed for the German Health market have a central role when it comes to certification and surveillance by a Notified Body, obligatory measures to be taken by the manufacturer after market launch, basis for price negotiation and reimbursement as well as important argument for marketing. Lack of expertise has got many reasons, among them lack of trained and experienced staff, uncertainties interpeting regulatory requirements, choice of a suitable study design, of the appropriate partner from the medical field, insufficient knowledge of financing and eligibility criteria for financial support, among others.

Support in the initial phase and implementation provede security and are key success factors.

MEDIACC implements investigator-initiated trials and regulatory affairs.


We develop strategies to initiate, finance and implement research at the academic and industrial interface. Here, you will shortly find the flyer with our offers and services for download.

Medical innovations from medical practices


Because of the lack of funding instruments for innovation from medical practices an enormous potential remains untapped in the Federal Republic of Germany. A substantial percentage of around 200 000 practicioners would like to contribute with their practical scientific-medical knowledge, if only they could. Published in Dtsch Arztebl 2015; 112(6): A-240 / B-208 / C-204

Labelled “eligible”


MEDIACC has been certified as eligible young innovative enterprise for funding of venture capital to private investors according to the guidelines of the “Investment Grant for Business Angels” (INVEST) launched by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy, Germany.


MEDIACC is one of 43 young innovative companies listed in the index of the Business Angels Netzwerk Deutschland e.v. (BAND). The “Investment Grant for Business Angels” (INVEST) launched by the Federal Ministry of Economy apllies for our business. The INVEST programme for business angels aims to strengthen the venture capital market in Germany.Business Angels will receive a refund of 20%, if they take stakes worth at least 10 000 Euro of an innovative start-up.

No medical doctor with a thesis just fell from heaven.


This is why you get professional instruction from us. You are looking for a cutting-edge medical thesis. Your expectations for an excellent supervision are as demanding as your willingness to tackle new challenges with outstanding results and persue your targets in time.


You are a medical student and so well organised, that you can perform literature research and analyses parallel to your studies during the next 12 months. You are familiar with MS Office, the usual reference managers and basics of statistics and are ready to familliarise yourself with SPPS. Your marks reflect your excellent performances.

We offer a clinical experimental research project in cooperation with our clinical partner. You will learn about how design a clinical study, about study preparations, conduction of the study and analysis of the data from one source. It distinguishes us, that we deduct market orientation of a product from best scientific data.

You are interested?

Then please send us your Curriculum Vitae (resumé) along with a convincing letter of motivation to: promotion(a)

Supervision is carried out by the academic principal investigator.

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