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Clinical evaluation of international paediatric real-world-data

Data of 31 patients have been used in an international paediatric clinical evaluation for an innovative assistive medical device to show improved clinical outcome (94% of users) when used in addition to standard therapy. Thanks to the proficient cooperation with our university partners and clinical experts, quality of data was first-rate due to meticulous attention to details and expert knowledge. In short time, results could be published in a highly ranked free full-text peer-review journal to change therapeutic perspective for people with physical disabilities.


Our special thanks go to our patients and their families who gave their consent for their data being used – thank you!




Best in class

The Berlin University Alliance, including the Charité, has won the Excellence Initiative for top university research. The German government will provide an additional 200 million Euros over the next few years to support excellent university facilities for outstanding research projects. 
We congratulate all stakeholders and our cooperation partners on this great success. The funding will enable to further develop the cooperating university locations and Berlin as a top international science location.




German-Chinese Cooperation

We were invited to enable excellent scientific experts to start their clinical studies in Europe in 2 spin-offs from a very renowned Chinese university and supported them with the first operative project phases.




AMNOG Report 2019

Of the new drugs coming onto the market, one in four costs more than € 100,000 per year.

The analysis of the benefit assessment according to the Drug Market Restructuring Act (AMNOG) has been in place since 2011. The fifth AMNOG Report from 2019 discusses the extent to which the high annual therapy costs of newly approved active substances can be further taken over by the insured community. In addition to data on survival chances, pharmaceutical companies are required to present high-quality data on patients‘ quality of life for all indications in order to assess the additional benefit.

This ongoing development of the benefit assessment by the authorities, G-BA and IQWiG, related to this endpoint calls for the design and conduct of clinical trials with precisely fitting and objective endpoints. This is one of our main strengths.