21 May, International Clinical Trial Day: A Review.


We have all seen the incredible speed with which vaccines have gone from laboratory development to being safely tested in humans and, after rigorous testing, administered to over a billion in under 6 months. This is made possible by the global networking of scientists, generous and pragmatic funding and digitalisation.

MEDIACC is an independent, owner-managed scientific institute recognised by the Federal Joint Committee and the BfArM, which was founded in 2013. Here, clinical trials are designed, planned, conducted, evaluated and published. The focus is on the digital planning and implementation of multi-centre clinical trials of medical devices, new diagnostic methods and medicinal products. This has enabled and continues to enable clinical trials to be carried out even in times of complete exclusion of personnel who are not absolutely necessary for the non-deferrable treatment of patients in hospitals.

The high procedural and ethical demands of clinical trials and the global resounding benefits are clear. MEDIACC has uniquely allowed purely digital trials to continue in times of complete lockdown. This was made possible by the consistent development of a digital infrastructure that demonstrably ensures data security and integrity of particularly vulnerable data under high regulatory demands.