Long-awaited – the "Rules of Procedure for the Further Development of the List of Aids and Devices" is available as of today



Medical aids – ranging from the bandage to the walking aid to cochlear implants – ensure the best possible and safe care for patients. In view of the innovations – for example, in the field of digital medical care with apps, the constant increase in knowledge through clinical studies and research and the increased quality requirements, mainly due to MDR – a continuous adaptation of the list of aids and nursing aids is indispensable. The new procedural rules describe how existing product groups can be continued in the list of medical aids and how manufacturers can introduce their products to the list of medical aids in order to enable reimbursement by health insurance funds. The further development and innovation of novel aids form the basis of high-quality care. The Rules of Procedure regulate the course of action for including new product groups and types in the list of aids, such as new types of hearing aids and app-controlled administrations.

The aim is to enable manufacturers to establish a regulated, structured and comprehensible process to ensure that the list of aids is always up to date. The legally insured persons, i.e. about 90% of the Germans, thus have fast, up-to-date and secure access to the latest medical developments and medical products. Germany will once again set high quality standards and remain an attractive market for medical device manufacturers. We look forward to taking you and your medical devices on the way to the medical aids directory in accordance with the new procedural rules.

From "Rules of Procedure of the GKV-Spitzenverband according to § 139 paragraph 7 SGB V"

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