Yo bro, I got you.

MEDIACC Adapts to the New Circumstances.


Although we still meet every day, transmission is not possible in our rooms: sterilising chemicals on the doors, no touching, interaction only at the recommended distance, no more sharing of objects. In this way we protect ourselves and our fellow human beings.

Does this mean that we are hampered in our work? Not at all.

In a situation that changes every hour, we have to think carefully about how to maintain our processes. It is not our way to panic, but acknowledging the seriousness of the situation, we have to be vigilant and keep a level head. Our goals stay the very same: To take good care of all our clients and to drive innovations forward for the ever-growing healthcare market. The current crisis takes strength from all of us, but it also makes us grow as a company. We try to go even faster: smoothing processes out, finding new modes of operation, working from different locations with more flexibility. Despite the severe circumstances, it is a challenge that we gladly accept.

We’ll be there for you – so you can be there for the patients.