Here’s what students say to Schmidt-Lucke lectures:

Prof. Schmidt-Lucke takes her teaching assignment at the Medical Faculty of the Charité Berlin seriously. Among others, she teaches integrative cardiovascular medicine, functional diagnostics, emergency and rescue medicine and trains students and colleagues in small working groups.

  • "Dr. Schmidt-Lucke is a great lecturer, technically and pedagogically excellent, the whole course was enthusiastic about her way of teaching! We've learned an incredible amount."
  • "I don't often take part in evaluations, but this time I just have to. The two cousres of today were among the best courses I was allowed to enjoy during my whole study. The lecturer was motivated, challenged us, but also met us at eye level. This way, learning is really fun, I would wish future semesters even more such courses!"
  • "The lecturer was extraordinarily motivated, broke down the contents exactly to what was relevant for us, gave structured and high-quality feedback. All in all, an outstanding course, the lecturer will be remembered very positively."
  • "The lecturer was critical in the most positive sense! Super constructive criticism, one has always felt taken seriously, she has always remained calm, and has also given positive feedback. Keep up the excellent work!"
  • "Praise to the lecturer for this course! We've had more or less motivated instructors in the last few days, but today it was just great. Experiences from every day’s life of rescue medicine and those little "tricks" were also taught today - and this in a great, friendly way.“


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