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MEDIACC is the independent consulting institute specialised in the design, planning, implementation, evaluation and publication of preclinical and clinical studies. Our work ranges from pharmaceuticals, which are subject to the highest regulations, to medical devices, dietary supplements and cosmetics, to emerging medical apps.

Since 2013 we have been conducting scientifically based medical studies on a national, EU and international level for clients of small and medium-sized companies or research institutions. We draw on more than 25 years of experience from well over 100 clinical studies in a wide variety of therapeutic areas.

We orient our services to your product and the current market situation in order to efficiently position your ideas, developments and products.


We stand for precision and efficient processes.




Efficiency and excellence through sound, professional work as well as time and resource management are the key to the success of your study. We guarantee reliability and confidentiality in cooperation with our partners. The satisfaction of our customers is one of our most important goals and to constantly improve it, one of our maxims. We feel very responsible for each and every one of our employees, customers and patients, who will ultimately benefit from the optimised therapies.


Social Commitment

For all of us, social commitment is part of our self-image alongside our professional activities. We are personally involved in voluntary work to promote the education and competitive sports of children and young people, especially those with an international background.

In this context, we are also committed to filling leading positions nationwide in order to compensate for performance deficits and thereby strengthen friendships and peace in society.


Commitment comes from responsibility.

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